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55 lb Unscented aroma beads **Free Ship** ( Not Hawaii, Alaska or PR)

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Unscented Prime Aroma Beads

These beads have multiple uses. They can be scented and made into air fresheners, placed into a sachet bag or feel free to come up with your own idea. As always you are responsible to test your product!

The pricing is for 55lb bag of beads, but feel free to order as many pounds as you can use. Making Aroma Beads Start off with 1 to 1.5 oz per pound of beads and put it in a glass container or heavy plastic container. HDPE is best. (LESS IS BEST when starting out. (2 TBLS of oil is equal to 1 ounce. You can always add more oil but you can't take it away.) 

You must be careful when adding oil. If you add too much, you need to add more beads. This can be a never ending process. Please use a digital scare for best results.  You can add additional oil if you feel the need, however adding more oil is not necessarily going to make the beads smell longer. Some fragrance oils absorb faster than others. You can also use DPG to help smooth out essential oils or when using essential oils, but ONLY a touch, or they won't dry. If using Essential oils, Be careful. They absorb twice as fast as fragrance oils and sometimes DPG will help the oil flow better. Drop 1 drop of color (or to taste) in to the oil swish the color until mixed. You may add more color as needed. You may also add additional color after the beads are dry. 

This will give the beads a variegated look. Slowly add the beads to the glass jar. BE SURE THE LID IS ON TIGHT! You may lightly swish to start the color process. Shake the beads when all has been added to disperse the color and oil throughout. The beads should be wet throughout. Vigorously shake beads for a minute or two to be sure they are all mixed. Depending on the weight of the fragrance oil, your beads could take from a few hours to a day or two before the beads are complete. If it is not soaking up as fast as you would like, you can add additional beads. Be sure you buy your beads from a reputable company. Every time you walk by your beads, pick up the container and shake them. Essential oils do work differently. DO NOT leave them stand for very long, as they normally cure very quickly.

Citrus oils will also usually cure quicker. When the beads are done, they should be dry to the touch and the jar should shake clean of beads on the sides. There may be a bit of residue at the bottom of jar, but that is okay. Throw in a few unscented beads and shake in the jar. Add them to your beads. Most oils will cure within a 24 hours or less, Some heavier oils may day 2-3 days to cure. There are many possibilities. Mix and match scents with different colors. You can add herbs, dried flowers, corn cobs, colored stones, rocks and cut glass. Use your imagination. After a while you will become proficient at making your beads. These beads are great for Resale after you scent them or they can even be used for personal use in gym bags, bathrooms or even your drawers of your dresser.

Be sure to cure your beads an additional 7-10 days before packaging.

If more than 1 bag is needed, just contact me we can make arrangements for as much as you need even more than a pallet.

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